The Wendy House Nursery - Testimonials


From:  Gill Scrimgeour

My son currently attends the Wendy House Nursery. I had no reservations to send him here due to knowing that the environment is so welcoming, safe and stimulating. My eldest child went to the Nursery previously. As soon as you walk into the Nursery room you are met with a buzz of activity and the room itself is so bright, with children’s work displayed throughout. Indoor and outdoor play is catered for with exciting play equipment and new resources bought regularly. The children are encouraged to be confident, independent and have fun in their play and daily routines. They are given opportunities for free play and constructive play during the day.

The staff at The Wendy House Nursery are warm, approachable, friendly and enthusiastic. They make it their job to know the children individually and are sensitive to any needs they may occur at various points of the child’s time at the nursery. The staff are always available to speak with at drop off or pick up times. The staff are well qualified and experienced in their role. They have an ongoing commitment to training and are a dedicated team.

The wealth of activities going on each day are in line with ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ and are set to promote and stimulate learning. The children are challenged throughout with their next steps in learning identified. Individual folios note observations and show photos which link to the child’s learning experiences and outcomes. Parents are welcome to take this home at any point to look at.

The children are involved in planning their topics and their interests are taken into account. The children are encouraged to be inquisitive and ask questions about their learning. Parents are also invited to suggest activities or come into the Nursery to share experiences. There is also a Parent Group which meets to support the Nursery in any way it can.

Parents are kept very well informed about their child’s learning which is posted up for display as well as daily routines, activities and snacks. Newsletters are frequent and parents evenings give a more detailed account of their child’s learning.

 would highly recommend the Wendy House Nursery to any prospective parent.

Gill Scrimgeour